Inventioneering Architecture. Switzerland

Departement Architektur, ETH Zürich (Hg.)
Inventioneering Architecture

2005. 14 x 21 cm, Broschur
130 Seiten, 346 Abbildungen
ISBN 978-3-85676-175-2
20.00 CHF / 18.50 EUR

Einleitung von Gerhard Schmitt
Beiträge von Marc Angélil, Andrea Deplazes, Roger Diener, Christoph Gantenbein, Christophe Girot, Dirk Hebel, Jacques Herzog, Ludger Hovestadt, Christian Kerez,Inès Lamunière, Marcel Meili, Valerio Olgiati, Jörg Stollmann, Peter Zumthor

The publication is a guidebook, a device and also an invitation to navigate through the educational landscape of three swiss schools of architecture, presented in the exhibition Inventioneering Architecture. Reflecting and commenting on the academic student work put on display, it suggests future challenges and shows a broad spectrum of strategies of the profession, developed by numerous design and research studios.