Zeitgeist Berlin Invalidenpark

Institute for Landscape Architecture ILA, ETH Zurich, eds.
Zeitgeist Berlin Invalidenpark

2006. 17 x 24 cm, hardcover
160 pages, 477 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-187-5
CHF 38.00 / EUR 35.00
Text in German and English

Contributions by Christophe Girot, Brigitte Franzen, Richard Ingersoll, Lars Lerup, Thies Schröder, Philip Ursprung, Udo Weilacher, Clemens A. Wimmer
With photographs by Andreas Muhs,
Video stills by Marc Schwarz
Designed by HELLO, Aline Ozkan


After World War II, the area of the Invalidenpark was part of the border land and occupied by military. The landscape architect Christophe Girot’s new Invalidenpark (1997) does not shun irritations from observers, but builds a viable bridge between past and present, bet­ween traffic, quiet leisure and play.