Wissensformen. Manifestationen des Wissens in barocker Tradition

Werner Oechslin Library Foundation, eds.
Manifestationen des Wissens in barocker Tradition
Sixth international baroque summer course

2008. 21 x 24 cm, softcover with flap
312 pages, 159 illustrations b/w
ISBN 978-3-85676-231-5
CHF 58.00 / EUR 54.00
Contributions in German, French or English

Contributions by Antonio Becchi, Sandra Dučić, Andreas Gamerith, Axel Christoph Gampp, Reinhard Gruhl, Thomas Hänsli, Christian Hecht, Ulrich Heinen, Cornelia Isler-Kerényi, Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz, Matthias Noell, Werner Oechslin, Elisabeth Oy-Marra, Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann, Ulrich Johannes Schneider, Robert Stalla, Harald Tesan, Anne Tilkorn, Ulrich Tragatschnig, Gabriele Wimböck, Martin Zenck, Kaspar Zollikofer.
Designed by Philippe Mouthon and Angelika Wey-Bomhard


A variety of emblematically coded and pictorially effective forms of representation developed during the Baroque period. To attribute these to an enraptured, cryptic symbolic world would run counter to the artistic as well as the intellectual objective of conveying complex facts.
The thematically summarized sections of the Baroque Summer Course reflect a spectrum of the aspects dealt with, including: ‘The “meaning” linking image and image support in ancient and medieval tradition’; ‘Diversity in forms of knowledge: cabbalistic, musical, theatrical, literary’; and ‘Heaven, world and salvation history: the Baroque image as a form of knowledge’.