Voreingenommene Erzählungen

Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani
Voreingenommene Erzählungen
Architekturgeschichte als Ideengeschichte

2016. 16 x 26 cm, hardcover
380 pages, 136 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-357-2
CHF 75.00 / EUR 72.00

Designed by Patrizia Zanola


The essays collected here look at the history of architecture from different angles. What they have in common is that they were not written as academic exercises, but out of genuine curiosity. They are based on biographies, personal and architectural stories, circumstances that have led to architecture, but above all on the buildings themselves. Apart from a few texts that look back further into history, they move within a broad but sharp framework: that of an architectural modernity that liberates itself from the schematism it has sometimes paid homage to, in order to question and renew itself without becoming unfaithful to its principles. The result is simple as well as tangible and thoroughly biased narratives.