Über Putz. Oberflächen entwickeln und realisieren

Annette Spiro, Hartmut Göhler,
Pinar Gönül, eds.

Über Putz
Oberflächen entwickeln und realisieren

New edition, revised and expanded 2021.
22 x 28 cm, softcover with flap
with inserted plaster pattern folding plan
ca. 380 pages and 370 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-411-1
CHF 68.00 / EUR 66.00

Contributions by Beiträge von Petra Dariz, Oskar Emmenegger, Rafael Emmenegger, Dieter Geissbühler, Wilhelm Glaser, Hartmut Göhler, Pinar Gönül, Matthias Haber, Andreas Hild, Selen Ercan Jenny, Ruedi Krebs, Matteo Laffranchi, Silke Langenberg, Dionys Ottl, Jean Pfaff, Lino Sibillano, Annette Spiro, Stefanie Wettstein, Sophie Wolf
Designed by Nadine Rinderer

Plaster surfaces have both great practical and aesthetic value. Today, they are often used as a component of plastered external thermal insulation, usually using standard solutions that manufacturers offer as systems. The potential of plaster, however, goes far beyond the usual application practices. The publication invites you to look over the shoulder of the craftsman mixing and applying plaster and to explore the many possibilities plaster offers. 10 detailed formulations, developed and tested at ETH Zurich, as well as an illustrated glossary, offer practical guidance and make the publication a valuable handbook and guide.
The articles in the new edition have been revised, and in some cases substantially expanded. The new edition is supplemented by three recent projects as well as an interview by Silke Langenberg, Professor for Construction Heritage and Preservation at ETH Zurich, with the renowned conservator and restorer Oskar Emmenegger.

Forthcoming in October 2021