Theodor & Otto Froebel

Claudia Moll
Theodor & Otto Froebel
Gartenkultur in Zürich im 19. Jahrhundert

2019. 25 x 30 cm, softcover
235 pages, 160 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-386-2
CHF 65.00 / EUR 62.00

Preamble by Christophe Girot
Designed by Julia Ambroschütz and Tamaki Yamazaki


Theodor Froebel (1810–1893) was working on ‘At the roots of the profession’ when he took up his first post in Zurich. Garden culture was barely cultivated as a discipline in Switzerland until the 1830s. Froebel’s art and commercial nursery, which he founded in 1835 and later ran together with his son Otto Froebel (1844–1906), left its mark on Zurich’s greenery: from its first ornamental city sites and quays to countless private gardens. At the same time, the company reflects the rise and fall of a business in which expert knowledge was combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the bourgeoisie. Landscape architect and architectural historian Claudia Moll traces the work of these pioneers of the flourishing Swiss garden culture, who made a name for themselves through a worldwide trading network with an opulently rare range of plants.

DAM Architectural Book Award 2019
German Garden Book Award 2020
Best book on garden history, 2nd rank