The Landscapes of Dieter Kienast

Anette Freytag
The Landscapes of Dieter Kienast

2021. 23 x 31 cm, hardcover
432 pages, 257 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-387-9
CHF 89.00 / EUR 85.00

Preface by Erik A. de Jong
Foreword by Christophe Girot
With photographs by Georg Aerni und Christian Vogt
Translated by Linden Stevenson
Designed by Büro 146


Dieter Kienast (1945–1998) is a key Swiss figure in European landscape architecture. Amidst a striking change in societal understandings of nature, he sought a synthesis between design and ecology in the 1970s. He designed spaces to make the dissolving opposition between city and countryside legible and to enable aesthetic experience to help cope with increasingly complex everyday life. As a designer, planner, researcher and university lecturer, Kienast introduced new challenges into the discussion of those fields. Critique of urban planning, processes of participation and the significance of spontaneous urban vegetation played just as much a role in these discussions as did art, literature, architecture and the popularity of postmodernism.

Anette Freytag’s award-winning book, which offers the first and comprehensive critical examination of Dieter Kienast, is now available to an international audience in this English edition. It not only vividly deconstructs how design, theory and representation are interwoven in Kienast’s work, but also sheds light on a specific period of landscape architecture.