SvM. Die Festschrift für Stanislaus von Moos

Karin Gimmi, Christoph Kübler,
Bruno Maurer, Robin Rehm,
Klaus Spechtenhauser, Martino Stierli, Stefanie Wenzler, eds.
Die Festschrift für Stanislaus von Moos

2005. 17 x 24 cm, hardcover
302 pages, 164 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-176-9
CHF 56.00 / EUR 52.50
Contributions in German, French or English

Contributions by Oskar Bätschmann, Christine N. Brinckmann, Tilmann Buddensieg, Gion A. Caminada, Peter Cornelius Claussen, Jean-Louis Cohen, Beatriz Colomina, Alan Colquhoun, Bice Curiger, Hermann Czech, Hans Frei, Jacques Herzog, Thomas Hirschhorn, Daniela Mondini, Werner Oechslin, Arthur Rüegg, Denise Scott Brown, Philip Ursprung, Ludmila Vachtova, Robert Venturi, Beat Wyss
Designed by Tania Prill, Alberto Vieceli


The commemorative publication SvM. Die Festschrift pays homage to Stanislaus von Moos, Professor of Art and Architecture History at the University of Zurich from 1983 to 2005. This book brings together essays and interviews of colleagues, companions and friends whose variety of topics and international reputation reflect von Moos’ own work. Le Corbusier is as much a focal point as essays on contemporary art or tendencies in recent architectural theory.