trans 38

2021. 21 x 28 cm, softcover
158 pages, 80 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-416-6
CHF 20.00 / EUR 20.00
Contributions in German or English

Contributions by Blerta Axhija, Jacqueline Badran, Francesco Battaini, Tatjana Lisa Blaser, Valerio Ciaccia, Linda Dannesboe Sjøqvist, Maarten Delbeke, Aurélie Dupuis, Gabriel Eggenschwyler, Sonja Flury, Falma Fshazi, Joshua Guiness, Lowis Gujer, Nina Guyot. Trajal Harrell, Michael Hoi Ming Du, Martina Hügli, Martin Jung, Beatriz Klettner Soler, Hannes Langguth, Zoé Lefevre, Felix Lehner, Felicia Liang, Emma Lindén, Nora Molari, Kim Nørgaard Helmersen, Sara Davin Omar, Amy Perkins, Freek Persyn, Emanuel Pulfer, Franceline Saby, Yann Salzmann, Benoit Seguin, Marco Veneri, Jakob Walter, Nicolas Wild, Yiran Zhang
Designed by Pierre Benoit


trans magazin combines an array of positions and voices in architecture, looking beyond traditional architectural discourse towards an expanded practice. trans 38 deals with the term ‘reproduction’ through the idea that our world is constantly being created and we can be part of that process. Reproduction in this sense refers to mechanisms of creating social, institutional, and professional identities and to the mechanisms that replicate them; between original and copy lies a tension. Reproduction is something we encounter in technology, art, biology, sociology, and economics. This issue of trans sketches visions that go beyond mere critique to provide a tool for understanding and shaping the mechanisms and structures around us.