Reflexion und Abbild. Architekturvorträge der ETH Zürich, Heft 4

Shigeru Ban, Olafur Eliasson, Peter Geimer, Friedrich Kittler
Reflexion und Abbild

2007. 15 x 18 cm, softcover
92 pages, 26 illustrations in colour
ISBN 978-3-85676-208-7
15.00 CHF / 14.00 EUR

Architekturvorträge der ETH Zürich, Heft 4
Texts in German or English

With the overproduction of images in the media architecture is decreasingly perceived by direct experience and increasingly by reference to images. The consequences of this development are addressed by architect Shigeru Ban, artist Olafur Eliasson, cultural historian Peter Geimer, and philosopher Friedrich Kittler.