Patrimonium. Denkmalpflege und Archäologie in der Schweiz 1950–2000

Federal Ministry of Culture, ed.
Denkmalpflege und archäologische Bauforschung in der Schweiz 1950–2000

2010. 19 x 26 cm, clothbound
803 pages, 695 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-179-0
CHF 90.00 / EUR 84.00
Contributions in German, French or Italian

Contributions by Hans-Peter Bärtschi, Charles Bonnet, Rossana Cardani Vergani, Hans Jürg Gnehm, Friedrich Jakob, Dave Lüthi, André Meyer, Johann Mürner, Werner Oechslin, Patrizio Pedrioli, Christian Renfer, Judith Rohrer-Amberg, Hermann Schöpfer, Hans Rudolf Sennhauser, Stefan Trümpler, Alfred Wyss, Ivo Zemp


In the second half of the 20th century, the preservation of monuments experienced a rapid upswing. The concept of monument not only expanded, it also changed qualitatively: as a kind of ‘historical and aesthetic environmental protection’, monument preservation and archaeological building research became an indispensable part of political culture. With Patrimonium, the Federal Office of Culture has compiled an anthology that traces the most important trends, doctrines and principles of archaeology and monument preservation over the last fifty years. The book is not only an indispensable source of information for professionals, but also a vivid contemporary document for all those interested in cultural heritage and its preservation, safeguarding and protection.