Neue Urbanität. Das Verschmelzen von Stadt und Landschaft

Franz Oswald, Nicola Schüller, eds.
Neue Urbanität
Das Verschmelzen von Stadt und Landschaft

2nd edition 2004. 16 x 21 cm, softcover with flap
200 pages, 60 illustrations b/w
ISBN 978-3-85676-122-6
CHF 38.00 / EUR 35.00

Contributions by Peter Baccini, Kurt W. Forster, Dieter Läpple, Adam Mazor, Adrian Meyer, Franz Oswald, Nicola Schüller, Rolf Peter Sieferle, Thomas Sieverts, Peter Zlonicky
Designed by Vera Pechel


‘New Urbanity’ – the fusion of city and landscape – has been spreading rapidly and globally since the 1950s. The essays from various disciplines advocate an open, forward-looking discussion and provide theoretical backgrounds for the paradigm shift in urban development and planning.