Mario Fontana, Andreas Tönnesmann, eds.
Luftschloss. Festarchitektur zwischen Imagination und Realität

Ein Nachwuchswettbewerb der ETH Zürich 2004
2004. 30 x 21.5 cm, hardcover
56 pages, 85 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-149-3
CHF 22.00 / EUR 20.00

Foreword by Meinrad Eberle and Hans-Rudolf Schalcher
Contributions by Ivica Brnić, Martina Desax, Florian Graf, Werner Oechslin, Wolfgang Rossbauer, Andreas Tönnesmann, Philip Ursprung
Designed by Philippe Mouthon


The publication outlines the development of ephemeral art from the Baroque to the present day – represented, for example, at the Venice Biennales or Expo.02 – which focuses more on atmosphere and ambience than in the long run and in which there is always a piece of utopia, a piece of castles in the air. In addition, the projects created on the occasion of the competition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of ETH Zurich will be presented.