Gottfried Honegger. Arbeiten im öffentlichen Raum

Michael Gnehm, ed.
Gottfried Honegger
Arbeiten im öffentlichen Raum

2007. 21 x 24 cm, softcover with dust jacket
184 pages, 153 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-207-0
CHF 48.00 / EUR 45.00

Contributions by Michael Gnehm, Gottfried Honegger, Werner Oechslin, Andreas Tönnesmann
unpublished speeches by Willy Rotzler and Richard P. Lohse
Articles by Ueli Roth and Niklaus Meienberg
Designed by Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung


With his works, Gottfried Honegger (1917–2016) has helped to shape the transformation of ideas about what art in buildings and public spaces should achieve over the past 50 years with numerous artistic interventions and public statements. On the occasion of his 90th birthday in 2007, ETH Zurich dedicated an exhibition and a book to Gottfried Honegger, in which his works are discussed in detail in the context of his cultural-political commitment and presented for the first time in the context of their reception.