Experimentelles Entwerfen mit Industrieprodukten 3. Stein, Putz, Keramik

Stein, Putz, Keramik
Publikationen des Fachs ‘Experimentelles Entwerfen mit Industrieprodukten’ der Professur Hans Kollhoff Nr. 3

1999. 23 x 28 cm, softcover
92 pages, 134 illustrations b/w
ISBN 978-3-85676-131-8
CHF 36.00 / EUR 34.00

With photographs by Heinrich Helfenstein
Designed by Andreas Peyer


Starting from the traditional materials stone, plaster and ceramics, the monolithic appearance of multi-layered wall structures was examined, guided by the desire to make something of the power and mass of the house tangible again through the outer form of a façade.