Exklusiv Europabrücke

Exklusiv Europabrücke
Auf Umwegen durch Zürich-Altstetten

2020. 21 x 28 cm, softcover with flap
144 pages, 359 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-404-3
CHF 30.00 / EUR 30.00

Edited by Patrick Düblin, Isabelle Fehlmann, Christophe Girot, Myriam Uzor
Contributions by Patrick Düblin, Isabelle Fehlmann, Rico Furter, San Keller, Lisa Neuenschwander, Myriam Uzor and
students at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zürich
Designed by Vera Kaspar


Zurich’s Altstetten district is a microcosm in Switzerland, an urban planning laboratory, a place of contrasts and contradictions. The Europabrücke is a testimony to this: a monument to past dreams that strikes a powerful axis through the peculiar cityscape.
Exklusiv Europabrücke – Auf Umwegen durch Zürich-Altstetten (Europabrücke Exclusive: Detours through Zurich-Altstetten) directs the visitor to observe the colossal viaduct in the distance on one side and then to explore the hidden treasures of the quarter on foot on the other. The Europabrücke-Luggwegstrasse axis connects the districts of Höngg and Altstetten in a straight line and provides direction as well as the starting and finishing points. Deliberately avoiding the traffic axis, the walks are deliberate detours.
The publication invites you on eleven walks through Altstetten. Maps, analogue photographs and brief explanations illustrate the course of each route and point out special features in the surrounding public space. More detailed texts and a conversation with the Swiss artist San Keller – an expert on the district and on walking – also provide background information on the methodology of the walks, the cultural history of the detour, Altstetten and the Europabrücke.