Die «città animata». Mailand und die Architektur von Asnago Vender

Giulio Bettini
Die «città animata»
Mailand und die Architektur
von Asnago Vender

2016. 19 x 26 cm, softcover with flap
70 pages, 162 illustrations b/w
ISBN 978-3-85676-361-9
CHF 25.00 / EUR 25.00

Foreword by Bruno Reichlin
Designed by Büro 146


The façade designs by architects Mario Asnago (1896–1981) and Claudio Vender (1904–1986) give numerous streets in Milan a face. They model the exterior space so that it takes on a dwelling character comparable to an interior space. With their elegant facades, characterised by formal restraint but at the same time by great inventiveness, Asnago Vender’s buildings rhythmise the appearance of the streets. Giulio Bettini describes and analyses the volumetric, architectural and constructive means used by Asnago Vender and relates them to the urban tradition of Milan and the urban art of the 20th century.

The Italian edition of this publication is published under the title La città animata, Milano e l’architettura di Asnago Vender by Libraccio Editore in Milan. > LInk