Baugesetze formen

Gregory Grämiger
Baugesetze formen
Architektur und Raumplanung in der Schweiz

2nd edition 2020. 19 x 26 cm, softcover with flap
70 pages, 39 illustrations b/w
ISBN 978-3-85676-385-5
CHF 25.00 / EUR 25.00

BSA Forschungsstipendium / FAS Bourse de Recherche
Foreword by Harry Gugger
Designed by Büro 146


Even the first thoughts about a building design encounter a set of building laws that define the essential determinants of design. Some of these paragraphs are perceived more as ‘building restrictions’ than as help. However, they are not natural laws, but man-made instruments. They require constant revision. As Gregory Grämiger demonstrates, building legislation in Switzerland is based on outdated premises which have been incorporated into the legal system over the last hundred years, but which no longer meet current requirements. The publication sees itself as an appeal to architects to become involved in political discourse.