Auf Abwegen

Pamphlet 23
Auf Abwegen

2019. 15 x 23 cm, saddle-stitched
86 pages, 14 illustrations b/w
ISBN 978-3-85676-395-4
CHF 22.00 / EUR 22.00
Contributions in German or English

Edited by the Chair of Landscape Architecture ILA, ETH Zurich
Contributions by Patrick Düblin, Isabelle Fehlmann, Christophe Girot, Anne Lacaton, Karen O’Rourke, Jacqueline Parish, Aline Schoch, Stalker (Francesco Careri and Lorenzo Romito)


Walking the same paths day by day, we cease to be aware of our surroundings. In this state, the extent to which our routes are subject to certain standards as well as routine escapes us. This issue of Pamphlet intentionally leads readers afield in an attempt to subvert this tendency—finding new perspectives in familiar territory. On an individual level, walking may serve as a method with which to actively question both our perceptual patterns as well as the patterns of our own movement through space; on a societal scale, the act becomes a potential planning tool, that is, an instrument for critically engaging with the designed environment.