Architektur im Würgegriff der Kunst

Nele Dechmann, Nicola Ruffo, eds.
Architektur im Würgegriff der Kunst

2013. 20.4 x 27.2 cm, softcover
116 pages, 78 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-318-3
CHF 35.00 / EUR 32.50

Contributions by Beni Bischof, Laura de Weck, Christoph Gantenbein, Florian Graf, huber.huber, Esther Kempf,
 Heike Munder, Paul Polaris, Stefan Rusconi, Kerim Seiler, Philip Ursprung
Designed by Naima Schalcher


Seven young Swiss artists reflect their personal perception of architecture, illustrated by their own works, which confront us with new and sometimes unusual results. On the other hand, four contributions by authors from the fields of art and architecture mediation deal with different aspects of the field of tension between art and architecture. The book documents these current positions in the examination of the two worlds.