Aldo Rossi und die Schweiz. Architektonische Wechselwirkungen

Ákos Moravánszky, Judith Hopfengärtner, eds.
Aldo Rossi und die Schweiz
Architektonische Wechselwirkungen

2011. 20 x 26,5 cm, softcover
236 pages, 90 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-253-7
CHF 58.00 / EUR 54.00

Contributions by Max Bosshard / Christoph Luchsinger, Giovanni Buzzi, Kurt W. Forster, Heinrich Helfenstein, Judith Hopfengärtner, Ákos Moravánszky, Bruno Reichlin, Carsten Ruhl, Dolf Schnebli, Diogo Seixas Lopes, Miroslav Šik, Pia Simmendinger, Martin Steinmann, Philip Ursprung, Daniele Vitale
Designed by Valentin Hindermann, Madeleine Stahel, Maike Hamacher


Aldo Rossi (1931–1997), one of the trend-setting architects and theorists of the 20th century, was a visiting professor and lecturer at ETH Zurich in the 1970s. Rossi confronted the sociological wing dominating the architecture school with the design studio with a strict, rational-scientific method, which was increasingly replaced by his idea of an architettura analoga with its subjective, phenomenological approach.
Renowned architectural theorists, then companions and young researchers are investigating the crucial importance of Rossi’s Zurich period, which still has consequences for the development of Swiss architecture today.

Award Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher 2011