1:1 Metal Works. Eine digital-analoge Baustelle

Andrea Deplazes, Ludger Hovestadt, eds.
1:1 Metal Works
Eine digital-analoge Baustelle

2007. 16.7 x 21 cm, softcover
48 pages, 70 illustrations
CHF 25.00 / EUR 23.50

Contributions by Christoph Schindler and Barbara Wiskemann
With photographs by Maurice Grünig
Designed by Barbara Wiskemann


The break roofing for the Kernstrasse municipal school building offered students of architecture at ETH Zurich the unique opportunity to combine metal design with practical implementation on the construction site. The group of 15 floating fungus roofs made of laser-cut and folded sheet metal illustrates in a successful experiment the conflicts between imagination and reality that inevitably arise during the contact between high-precision laser technology and the adversities of the terrain.